Indonesian Specialty Single Origin Coffee Beans

No.Origin NameType
1Aceh GayoArabica
2Sumatra MandhailingArabica
3Java Arjuno / Java KarlosArabica
4Java DampitRobusta
5Java Ijen - Raung (Blue Mountain)Arabica
6Java Kayumas SitubondoArabica
7Java MochaArabica
8Java PreangerArabica
9Sulawesi TorajaArabica
12Bali KintamaniArabica
14Sunda HejoArabica
15Blue BatakArabica
16Lintong / Dolok SanggulArabica
17Bluemoon OrganicArabica
20Gayo AbbysinniaArabica
21Gayo BourbonArabica
22Gayo WineArabica
23Squirrel CoffeeArabica
24Luwak Aceh GayoArabica
25Luwak ArjunoArabica
26Luwak IjenArabica
27Luwak MandhailingArabica
28Peaberry FloresArabica
29Peaberry JavaArabica
30Peaberry TorajaArabica


Patent and Geographical Indication Certificate

Indonesian Coffee Beans Worldwide Recognized Patent Gayo Geographical Indication CertificateIjen Geographical Indication CertificateFlores Geographical Indication Certificate


1. All coffee beans are directly supplied from farmers and are in grade 1 quality.
2. We offer roasted coffee beans only, however there are several limited variants which we may provide their green beans. Please contact us for more details for the green beans coffee information.
3. Our standard roasting preferences include light roast, medium roast, French roast and dark roast.
4. If not mentioned, our default roasting setting is medium roast. We will roast our coffees based on customer’s requirements.
5. All coffee beans we deliver are freshly roasted.
6. Roasted coffee beans have a shelf life of 6-9 months if stored in a proper dry place.


1. We are able to custom branding our coffees based on your needs.
2. The standard packaging is a 1 Kg (2.2 lbs) black-coloured side gusseted bag with a one-way degasing valve.
3. All packaged coffees are delivered in a safely sealed corrugated carton box containing 10 Kg (22 lbs) of roasted coffees.
4. For orders above 1 metric tons (1000 Kg), the roasted coffee beans will be packed in 60 Kg gunny bags per coffee variant or based on customer’s requirements.
5. Custom branding option is only available for a minimum order of 500 Kg roasted coffee beans, we will provide the packaging and the printing jobs without any additional fees.


For more details, please contact us for our product catalogue.