Turpentine Oil

Turpentine Oil

1.Description:Turpentine Oil
2.CAS Number:8006-64-2
3.Packaging size:170 Kg Net.
4.Physical Analysis:
Specific Gravity at 25 °C0.848 – 0.865
Refractive Index at 25 °C1.464 – 1.478
Flash Point33 °C – 38 °C
Residue after Evaporation≤2%
Distillated under 170 °C Temperature≥90%
Alpha Pinene Content≥80%
Acid Value≤2%
Optical Rotation+≥32 °C
6.Uses:As a solvent and as a source of materials for organic synthesis
7.Packaging information:
Type of packagingGalvanized Drums or Fiber Drums
8.Surveyor/Inspection Company (optional):SUCOFINDO (Government-Owned Surveyor Company) or other company based on customer’s request
9.Storage:Keep away from heat and flame.

Terms and Conditions

1. We offer negotiable prices only for orders of 50 Metric tons or above.
2. Minimum Order Quantity are listed in each items’ specification details.
3. All payments are processed by wire transfer (telegraphic transfer) to our Company’s Bank Account.
4. All new customers are required to prepay their first order.

1. We are not working with price list, if you have an inquiry regarding the prices of the products we will send you a quotation.
2. Due to fluctuations in foreign currencies and price increases by manufacturers, prices are subject to change without prior notice.
3. Call or email our office for up to date pricing before placing an order.

1. If you need samples, we will give you samples of our products for about 3 Kg.
2. The samples are free, but you are encouraged to pay the shipments. We will ship the samples by sea freight because of the strict regulations by Aviation to not able to ship any chemical items.
3. All products leaves our warehouse in good condition, we offer an optional surveyor service from an authorized institution with an extra cost.
4. Mega Glori Internasional assumes no responsibility for any heat damage during
5. Mega Glori Internasional assumes no responsibility of damage or loss occurs in shipment. We can help collect claims only if we are supplied with a properly noted freight bill indicating damage or shortage, signed by the driver.
6. We do not offer any return option for the items delivered, we suggest you to analyze the samples given before any purchases or using an optional surveyor and inspection service before any shipments.

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