About Us

Mega Glori Internasional is a private limited company focusing in exporting and importing agriculture commodities and consumer goods.

Who we are?

Mega Glori Internasional was founded and established in 2016 as a General Trading Export-Import Company sourcing variety of agricultural commodities and consumer goods from farmers we know and partners we trust. Our main office is located in Surabaya, East Java – Indonesia.

The company provides encouragement and development of innovation technology and market guarantees to farmers and manufacturers as their partners. The collaboration works mutually beneficial for both the company and partners. In order to support green economy, we focus on maintaining the business by applying the principal of sustainable development.

What we do?

Since many important commodities are not available in some regions and the commodities may be a very plentiful in other countries especially in Indonesia.
Mega Glori Internasional exists to provide the only best quality commodities from Indonesia.

We will help you to supply your demanded products from Indonesia. We might also need some vital commodities from around the world.
We have a mission to make a better world with our partners, together supplying and distributing good quality commodities around the world.
So, partner with us and make the world a better place to live.

Our Featured Products

Our products includes from Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Coffee, Herbs and Spices, Nuts, Cassava Sugar, and Natural Resins especially from pine tree.


Unroasted Coffee

We provide the Best of Indonesian Coffees. We only select the best tasting coffee single origins. Our coffee beans are directly supplied from the coffee farmers. So, the coffees are fresh.

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Roasted Coffee

We roast our coffees with love and care. We will roast the coffees based on your requirement, whether it is light, medium, dark, or other. We will roast them just for you.

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Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts is Indonesia’s one of the favourite export commodity, as the top 10 largest producer for cashew nuts in the world. We will help you supply our cashew nuts to you.

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Herbs and Spices

Indonesia is home to almost every herbs and spices found in the culinary and herbal medicine world. We provide herbs and spices from ginger, cloves, vanilla, and many more.

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Natural Resins

Natural resins available includes Gum Rosin and Turpentine. Gum Rosin is a solid form of resin obtained from pines. Turpentine is a fluid obtained by the distillation of resin obtained from live trees, mainly pines.

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Food and Beverages

We provide you with many worldwide-known food and beverages brands manufactured in Indonesia. Some of which are Indomie, Coca-cola, Frisian Flag, Heinz, Nescafe, Lay's, and many more.

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Beauty Care

We can supply you with prominent beauty and personal care brands for your wholesales and supermarket needs. Big brands we provide includes LUX, Dove, Sunsilk, Lifebuoy, Clear, and many more.

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Office Supplies

We offer you with the best house and office supplies manufactured in Indonesia, ranging from laundry soap, dish-washing liquid, batteries, paper, leverage, binders, magazine boxes, and many more.

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